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Neighborhood Watches

A Neighborhood Watch, also called a Crime Watch or Neighborhood Crime Watch, is an organized group of citizens and neighbors who are interested in crime prevention within a neighborhood.  It builds on the concept of a town watch  from the early history of our country. 

In San Leandro and Bay-O-Vista, Neighborhood Watch is a partnership between San Leandro residents and the Police Department to improve safety and prevent crime. As part of the organizing effort to establish a Neighborhood Watch, a SLPD representative will attend the first meeting and discuss:

  • Crime trends in Bay-O-Vista and San Leandro as a whole

  • Safety and security of  homes, citizens, vehicles, and children
  • Recognizing and reporting suspicious activity to the police
  • Interacting with neighbors in your group

For information on how to organize a Neighborhood Watch Group and hold a meeting, please contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 510-577-3228 or Via Email at

It would also be very helpful to advise the BOVIA Director of Neighborhood Security.  Greater communication and collaboration can help make Bay-O-Vista a safer and better community.

BOVIA will underwrite $50 for the cost of signs for officially recognized Neighborhood Watches.  Please contact our Director, Neighborhood Security .