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Bay-O-Vista Improvement Association

Treasurer's Conventions

 In an effort to manage all BOVIA resources, and to ensure that all funds are accounted for properly, the following conventions have been established, effective 25 January 2012.  These conventions are based on audit recommendations and discussions at the 25 January 2012 BOVIA Board of Directors meeting.  These conventions are intended to complement and not supersede the Association's bylaws.

  • All deposits shall be made to the Association's checking account;
  • All disbursements must be approved by the President and be supported by source documents;
  • Dues (and other payments to BOVIA) shall be payable by check;
  • Dues (and other payments to BOVIA) shall be tabulated then forwarded to the Treasurer for deposit, and
  • The Treasurer shall retain copies of the Treasurer's Reports, bank statements, checks and tabulations for three years.

The following bylaw applies to the Treasurer and Treasurer activities:


 Section 4. Treasurer shall:

  1. Have charge of all funds of the association;
  2. Payout money as directed by the association;
  3. Retain a record of all receipts and disbursements;
  4. Render a monthly and annual report;
  5. Furnish a financial report when requested to do so by the President or a vote of the members, and
  6. Maintain The Association's membership roster and mailing list.

 All checks valued less than $1000 shall bear the signature of the Treasurer; checks of greater value, unless authorized by the Board and noted in meeting minutes, shall bear the additional signature of the President, Vice President or Secretary.  In order to maintain appropriate accountability, a copy of all account statements shall be included in all minutes.  When the sum of account balances of The Association amount to $1,000 or more, the Treasurer shall be required to furnish a surety bond of $1,000; The Association shall pay the premium.  

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