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What's a Driveway Social?

Perhaps the most powerful strategy to strengthen and protect a neighborhood is to engage our neighbors.  Neighborhoods where personal connections among neighbors are clearly active and visible are stronger, safer and better prepared for emergencies.

The BOVIA Board of Directors began an experiment several years ago with a community building plan called Driveway Socials.  The idea was and is simple...Driveway and donuts...and the company of your neighbors.

Here's how it works;

--Decide to host a Driveway Social and pick a Saturday, preferably in the morning;

--Invite your neighbors;

--Contact the BOVIA Parliamentarian for display signs;

--Pick up two thermoses of coffee from any local coffee shop...Sabino's, Starbucks, etc., along with donuts, muffins, bagels, etc., cut them into smaller pieces, set up a table in your driveway, greet your neighbors and enjoy a donut and coffee together. 

Strengthening and building our community happens a few people at a time.  So, if two or three more connections are made on your street thanks to your efforts, then you, we and our community will be rewarded with strengthened bonds and relationships.

BOVIA will underwite these socials $ receipts necessary.