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Emergency Preparedness

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The BOVIA Board of Directors is looking for somebody who has an interest in this area and can help lead our efforts.  Please contact the BOVIA President if you're interested in helping to improve our community.  Thanks.

The following is from a recent SLPD e-mail.

Community: San Leandro, are you ready? September is National Preparedness Month!

San Leandro, are you ready?

September is National Preparedness Month! This year’s theme is “You Can Be the Hero.” Preparedness is an individual responsibility. The better prepared you are, the more likely you are to save a life.

Throughout the month of September, the San Leandro Police Department will be sending out information about emergency preparedness via Nixle, Twitter and Facebook.

Disasters can affect many people and a wide area such as an earthquake, or can affect less people and a smaller area such as a severe windstorm that knocks down power lines, blocking streets and making it difficult for repair crews to restore power for many days or over a week.

Instead of ignoring these facts and hoping for the best, take action now to help yourself and the people you love. Would you be ready if there were an emergency?

Be prepared:

1) Build an emergency kit. A disaster supply kit for you and your family should have basic items such as food, water and other supplies that will last at least 72 hours after a disaster. For more information about how to build an emergency kit, visit:

2) Make a plan. When a disaster strikes, you and your family may not be together, so it is important to have a pre-plan in place. For more information about disaster plans, visit:

3) Stay informed: Sign up for local alerts via Nixle and Code Red before a disaster strikes. The City of San Leandro will utilize these notification services, along with Facebook, Twitter and 1610 am to keep residents informed when a disaster strikes. For more information about San Leandro Police Department’s notification systems, visit:

It’s not too late to get ready San Leandro!