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Crime Prevention in Bay-O-Vista

Crime Prevention (updated attachment 2015 July)

If you see a crime in process, call 9-1-1. (Emergency-only number)

To contact the San Leandro Police Department for non-emergencies or suspicious activity or vehicles, call 510-577-2740. By reporting these incidents you will help the San Leandro Police Department create a record of Bay-O-Vista specific activity, and send a clear and powerful message to criminals...STAY AWAY FROM BAY-O-VISTA

Protect yourself and your neighborhood

For a list of helpful links go to the SLPD Crime Prevention Links page.

Here’s how every resident can help prevent or reduce crime in our neighborhoods:

  • Host a Driveway Social...get to know your neighbors;
  • Host a Block Party...get to know your neighbors; ;
  • Organize a Neighborhood Watch...get to know your neighbors;
  • Host a National Night Out  (first Tuseday in August)...get to know your neighbors;
  • Install sensor lighting around the perimeter of your home;
  • Reinforce door locks (deadbolts); 
  • Park your cars in your garage or in your driveway, off the street, away from roaming vandals;
  • Report burned out street lights to the SL Public Works Message Line at (510) 577-3400 or go onlin...San Leandro Assist  .  Speak slowly and clearly and give all necessary information. The line is available 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week and messages are transcribed each business day;
  • Trim your trees to maximize street lights effectiveness;
  • Discourage solicitors, who too frequently are imposters casing out neighborhoods. Turn them away at your door, especially if they have no permit;
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