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How to Be A Good Bay-O-Vista Neighbor

The bedrock of any great community are your neighbors.  Some suggestions for being a great neighbor...

1. Welcome new neighbors with an introductory note, friendly chat or gift.

2. Maintain the area around your home so that it’s neat and attractive.

3. Be conscientious about noises that might disturb your neighbors, such as vacuum cleaners, music, loud talk and barking dogs.

4. End parties at a reasonable hour.  Better yet, invite your neighbors.

5. Return anything that you borrow from your neighbor, such as tools or appliances as soon as possible.

6. Replace anything that belongs to your neighbor that you, your children, or your pets break or soil.

7. Respect your neighbor’s privacy.

8. Learn from, and appreciate, neighbors with cultural backgrounds different from your own.


Bay-O-Vista is a beautiful community with many 'neighborhoods' that attract new residents.  Let's keep Bay-O-Vista beautiful...and a community of good neighbors.